1 - What is Consis?


Consis is a conjunction of three major programs: the Attention Enhancement Program, Personality Development Program and School Support Program.


Consis believes that every child can be successful by effectively and incrementally strengthening their skills and abilities and by teaching them additional skills to be able to prepare them for the global society and workplace.

2 - What makes Consis unique from other tutorial centers?


With the attention and focus enhancement program being our core program, it is integrated in both our school support and personality development program. We go beyond just having the students finish their homework. Through our specialized materials, we also train our students to improve their attention and focus skills, which in turn also improves their study skills.


3 - Can we ask Consis teachers to assist our child in answering his homework? 


Yes. Students enrolled in the School Support Program gets assistance with their homework as needed. As much as possible, we encourage independent learning among our students.


4 - What is monitoring sheet?


It is a record of the child’s accomplished tasks both in school and in our office. Tasks such as book reading, exercises answered, and even items missed will be recorded.  This also serves as a guide for his next learning goal.


5 - Can I enroll Math Program only because my child needs help in Math subject only?

Yes, but we encourage you to register your child to the Consis Program Package because we believe that Math skill is not the problem.Attention and focus enhancement is essential in solving math problems.

6 - Can you tell us all the programs that my child will have if he/she enrolls in Consis Better Learning Center?

           a. Attention and Focus Enhancement Program

           b. Personality Development Program

           c. School Support Program

           d. Consis Coach Program


7 - Is Consis a school?

No. Consis is an after school learning program. We provide after school support and also career preparation, specially for older students.

8 - What is the focus of the Consis Education Model?

The Attention and Focus Enhancement Program is the core program of Consis Better Learning Center. We believe that having high attention and focus skills is key to achieving success in school and in life. People who are able to focus on whatever task at hand are more productive and efficient, and thus become more successful.

9 - What is AFEP?

It is a program that enhances the 27 points in our brain. Consis believes that attention and focus enhancement is the key element to succeed in education and career.

10 - What are the 27 points in the brain?

The 27 points include:

Holistic Perception * Spatial Skills * Visual Memory * Short-term memory * Similarities * Concurrencies * Organization

Planning * Thinking Skills Development * 3D Perception * Ordering * Fine Motor Skills * Verbal Skills * Arithmetic Skills

Auditory Attention * Short-term visual memory * Auditory Concentration * Auditory Differentiation * Visual Differentiation

Visual Concentration * Attention Strength and Concentration * Increased Attention Span * Hand-eye Coordination

Increased Conceptual Skills * Attention to Details * Relationship Tracking * Interpretive Judgment

11 - How is Consis different from other tutorial centers?

Our core program, the Attention and Focus Enhancement Program, is integrated with our School Support Program. We do not settle for students just having someone to help them with their homework; we train them to have the necessary study skills that will enable them to be strategic and independent learners.

12 - My child has no problem with attention; he listens attentively.  Why would he attend the AFEP (Attention and Focus Enhancement Program)?

Attention and Focus Enhancement Program that we offer is not only for children with ADD or ADHD. Most kids now a days have problem in focusing as they are distracted with gadgets like cellphone, tablet, etc.

Consis would like your child to develop goal setting and attentive mindset; making sure that he finishes his work on time. Being attentive means having discipline plus all the other good values necessary for him to achieve his goals.

13 - What is Personality Development Program?

In this program, your child will learn the values he needs to be successful in his studies and career. There will be a lot of activities that will develop important life values such as responsibility, leadership, respect for parents and many more.  With regular sessions in Consis, you will see his improvement not only in school but also at home.

14 - Are your teachers and advisers qualified to teach our children?

We only hire teachers and advisers with minimum bachelor’s degree as qualification.  Our full time advisers are master’s degree holders.