Now for the Future

For learners 2 - 18  years of age

Attention and Focus Enhancement Program

School Support


Personality Development


Consis Coach



We have the know-how you need.


Zero Mistakes

Students are trained to see mistakes as an opportunity to learn. Having the mindset of "I can do it better next time", mistakes are gradually lessened, if not completely avoided.


Net Improvement Program

If students are currently making more than acceptable mistakes on tests, we focus on improving their performance by targeting specific problems.



More than just being tutors, our Consis Mentors take time to discuss with students their progress, goals and, concrete action plans to achieve it. Such meetings take place on a regular basis; so that a student's progress - no matter how big or small, is celebrated.


Career Talks

We bring students together with people who have succeeded in their own career paths.


Family Meetings

We meet with parents in order to inform them on their children's progress and future plans.


School Support

Our teaching techniques strengthen student's abilities to succeed in different subjects. Our Consis Mentors provide the proper guidance, mentorship, and practice to track each student’s progress towards achieving their academic goals.

Students keep track of their own activities and progress through their individual monitoring sheet.​


Consis Mentors regularly check on this to see what the student has accomplished in school and whether a student needs remedial or advanced lessons. It is also a guide for the students to keep track of their progress towards achieving the goals they have set.

Monitoring Sheet



Through mentorship, habit formation and consistent follow through, we build a world of learning where success is not a distant goal but a daily practice